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Tournament Observers

Request for a Tournament Observer

How to request for a tournament observer, please contact the tournament observer directly, or if you need additional assistance, please contact the North Carolina Division Tournament Observer coordinator (ADD CONTACT).

Are You A Tournament Observer?  Add Yourself To The List Below!

Below is a North Carolina Fencing Tournament Observer self administered list. This is NOT the North Carolina Division official list of recognized tournament observers. This tool is to help tournament organizers contact and schedule tournament observers for their tournament. **Tournament organizers, please double check with the North Carolina Division to verify the tournament observer is recognized by the North Carolina Division.

This tool also allows recognized tournament observers to add, remove, or update their own name and contact information. To list your contact information, please make sure you have the appropriate USA Fencing membership.

To add, remove, or edit your name, please visit:

Edits on spreadsheet may take some time to refresh onto the spreadsheet below.

*Note, this is a public list, ANYONE will be able to see your contact information. Please be considerate and do not edit anyone else’s listing.

Want to be an Observer?

Want to help out with Division Tournaments? Sanctioned tournaments require tournament observers, and tournament organizers are always looking for observers to hire for their tournament.

To be an observer you need:

What do you need to know? View this PDF training:

If you are interested in becoming a Tournament Observer, please contact the Tournament Observer Coordinator.

Contact Information:

Contact information coming soon.

Tournament Observer Database