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Another Division Meeting – June 18th, 2016

  Given recent concerns, I am scheduling another division membership meeting for June 18th, 2016 at 7pm following the conclusion of the Powerade State Games

SafeSport Screening Reminder

  Club owners and camp sponsors - Just a reminder that if you are bringing in someone to work with your youth campers this summer,

Did You Know? – 5.9.16

  Voting at Division Meetings: Eligible to vote is anyone over the age of 18 as of February 1st of each membership year, who is in

Division Meeting – May 2016 Summary

A Division Meeting was held at 6pm on May 7th, 2016 with the goal of: (1) Confirming the new Division Board (2) Determining if the NC

Division Meeting – May 2016

There will be a Division Meeting at the conclusion of Saturday's events of the NC Divisional Qualifier on May 7th. The current scheduled time


TweetForums – “Beta” Phase The forums are currently available through the links to the right, although they will still be undergoing a few minor graphics changes over time. You must be logged-in to post or comment. Feel free to send

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Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Tweet  Moving forward, we want to recognize members of our fencing community. This page is for acknowledging new ratings, unique trophies, fencers’ individual growth and achievements, and the many ways in which our clubs and people give back to the

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From the All-American Fencing Academy: Final Tournament of the Season with Fundraiser!

The All-American Fencing Academy is hosting it’s final tournament of the fencing season!

The All Your Base Open
June 4/5, 2016

Saturday, June 4, 2016
Women’s Teen/Adult Foil, 9AM
Men’s Teen/Adult Foil, 9AM

Sunday, June 5, 2016
Youth, Ages 7-9 Foil, 10AM
Youth, Ages 10-12 Foil, 10AM
Mixed Epee, 12:30PM


This event will also be a FUNDRAISER! If you’ve enjoyed the tournaments we host and the programming we do, please consider helping us with our fundraiser event! Tournaments, of course, requires electric equipment. The electric equipment takes maintenance and replacement quite often during the year. Tournament fees always go to our equipment budget. We’re asking to consider making a donation to the All-American Fencing Academy with the tournament fee. All fundraising proceeds will go to updating our equipment (things we need: we always need new weapons, masks, body cords, etc.)

Sanctioned and unsanctioned tournament fees in North Carolina and in the US range from: $20 – $45, some events require a registration fee in addition to the event fee. Some events require pre-registration with increased fees for on-site registration!

We host unsanctioned events to keep costs down for competitors and provide lots of opportunities for our advance and beginner fencers to fence competitively locally. We will always try to keep our unsanctioned events at $10.

If you are able to donate in addition to the tournament fee, please do! We look forward to see you on June 4/5!
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From the Cape Fear Fencing Academy: CFFA update for May 29

W had a busy and fairly rewarding day for our last event of the 2015-16 season. The foil went pretty much to form. Oliver Galbraith of CFFA won, Bobby Gibbs of Charlotte Fencing Academy was second, and our Brendan McConville and Kyler Schoonmaker tied for 3rd. Foil is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy and it needs to change for next season. Too many of our higher rated foilists are saying it won’t renew my rating so I won’t go, too many of our lower rated or unrated foilists are saying I’ll just get beat by the more experienced people. Kyler is a U and has taken 3rd in both of the last opens. We had two Cs from other clubs drop out in the last couple of days, we had three people not show Saturday, I can list 3-4 U rated people who should have been there fencing but weren’t; and we had 3-4 people who showed up that were not signed up on askfred. If everyone would have shown it would have been a solid C1 with there still being a chance for some U foilists to slip into the top 8 and earn a rating. As it was we had more sabre fencers for an E and under than foil fencers for an open.

The epeeists, on the other hand, don’t understand the idea of having A rated events. If you keep knocking out the As before they get to the top 8, no one is going to get an A. LOL Oliver also won this event and renewed his B. Josh Harvey of CFFA was 2nd. Two Charlotte Fencing Academy fencers, Shane Mason and Tommy Dietz, took the 3rds. Vassa Falls of the Jacksonville branch of CFFA jumped from a U to a D, and Robert Thomas of CFFA upped his D to a 16. Margaret Bertoni of Mid-South/Charlotte Fencing Academy reearned her E.

In the sabre, Alex Hoelscher of CFFA won gold and reearned his E, Erik Graf of CFFA won silver. Joe McLaughlin of CFFA/Mid-South took one bronze and Ian Dube of Edge of America Fencing took the other. Thanks to everyone who did show up and fence, the referees, and all the people who helped with set up and clean up. A special thanks to Zemi who observed and ran the event while fighting through a migraine.

This week is the real start of summer hours. Afterschool and the weekly homeschool classes finished last week. So we are down to open fencing Tuesday and Thursday evenings, plus Camp Lejeune on Fridays.

will start having Saturday practices regularly on this Saturday, June 4th. I’ll be in
by 10 am and people can fence until they are tired. There will usually
be practice unless there is an event (State Games) or maybe a holiday
(July 4th).

All-American in Fayetteville is doing a number of unsanctioned events on the 4th, including Y-12 and Y-10 level events. If you are interested in going, let me know so we can make certain you will have the equipment you will need. More info is up on

Our next beginner class will start on Monday, June 6th, at 6:30 pm.

No Camp Lejeune practice on Friday June 11 as we will be doing the ballet performance.

Powerade State Games registrations are up. You can check askfred for
an approximate entry list. However, the actual entry is done on under fencing. The event is only about 2 hours away in
Raleigh this year. Events are split as Y-12, Women’s, and Men’s. They
give awards within the adult events for cadet, junior, and vet; as well as the
overall results. You need to be registered by the 4th or fees go up. Men’s sabre looks fairly big, they could really use an infusion of our fencers in Men’s foil and epee and all of the women’s and Y-12 events.

summer, I would like to have sessions for the 12 and under set on
Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 6:30 pm. This will give the fencers of
that age group a chance to keep up with things over the summer. Once
my beginner class is finished in early June, I can give you more hands
on instructions. Costs would be $35 per month or the $5 per session
floor fee.

No one has come up with a suggestion for the week of August 1-5 as far as a summer camp. So I may make it a second beginner camp if it looks like the Olympics may generate interest, or just take a week to relax between camps. Feel free to give suggestions.

People have been asking about T-shirts and jackets. The last time we had shirts done they ran $15 and are the design with the club logo on the back on the fencer on the front. The jackets have the club logo on the back and were $45. I don’t know if they would be that exact price as it was a couple of years ago, but that should be a good approximate. If you might be interested, let me know what you want and the correct size so we can get an order together.

pax vobiscum,

Greg Spahr
Head Coach
Cape Fear Fencing Association

“The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.” Damon Runyon
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From the Mid-South Fencers Club: Summer Session Beginner & Intermediate Classes and Events
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