Division Meeting – 9.11.16

Division Meeting

Date: 9/11/16
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: Fetzer Gym South Rd. at Raleigh St Chapel Hill, NC 27514


  • USFA guidelines and rules – reminders and new requirements
  • Date & Location for Junior Olympic Qualifiers (Tentatively October 29th & 30th)
  • More as needed or requested…
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Referee Development Through Facebook

For people are want to become referees or who want to improve their referee skills:
Carolinas Fencing Referee Development (facebook group)

We’re taking this as the first step to building a referee development program. If we can identify where the people are who want to learn and what it is they need to learn, we can be more effective. Even if you don’t think you want to actively engage yet, as we get momentum you may find it’s more interesting than you anticipated.

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Another Division Meeting – June 18th, 2016


Given recent concerns, I am scheduling another division membership meeting for June 18th, 2016 at 7pm following the conclusion of the Powerade State Games of NC.

Yard House @ 7pm
4208 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27609

The topics for this meeting, primarily, are:

– Division-wide Communication Methods
– The Future of State Games and How to Achieve Those Goals
– Youth and Club Development
– Venue Locations for Future Seasons

If there are any more topics to be added to this list, please email chair@ncfencing.org so that that they can be made public.

Proxies will be due Wednesday, June 15th, no later than 7pm. If you send a proxy at 7:30pm on June 15th, it will not be valid. Proxy forms can be found at the bottom of the Division Documents page under “Other Documents” and should be sent to secretary@ncfencing.org.

For those who don’t realize, division meetings are not only open to the entire division but are the most direct way to have your voice heard and to learn what is going on in the division besides tournaments. For more on who is eligible to vote at division meetings, you can read over this Did You Know? post.

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SafeSport Screening Reminder


Club owners and camp sponsors – Just a reminder that if you are bringing in someone to work with your youth campers this summer, they *must* be SafeSport background screened before they can work.  This includes nutritionists, fitness trainers, massage therapists, sports psychologists, and even international or national fencers who may be coaching or speaking as a guest. The national office will be sending out a reminder of their own soon, as well.

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Did You Know? – 5.9.16


Voting at Division Meetings:

Eligible to vote is anyone over the age of 18 as of February 1st of each membership year, who is in good standing with the NC Division, and has a competitive, collegiate competitive, professional, supporting, life, or life installment membership type as of February 1st of each membership year. For fencers who are under the age of 18 as of February 1st of each membership year, their parents are eligible to subscribe to a Supporting membership and can vote in their own right provided their membership is confirmed by February 1st of each membership year. The non-Competitive membership type does not convey any voting rights.

More information on USA Fencing memberships can be found here: http://www.usfencing.org/page/show/698114-individual-membership

Another option to make use of your vote at division meetings is proxies. Proxies are forms that authorize another individual to vote on your behalf at the meeting should you choose not to or be unable to attend. You must be eligible to vote in order for your proxy to be valid. The proxy form must be submitted to the Division Secretary no less than 72 hours prior to the meeting and the proxy-holder (the person who is exercising a vote for someone other than their self) must attend the meeting in order for the proxy to be utilized.

Proxy forms are available on the Division Documents page and are sent to secretary@ncfencing.org


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Division Meeting – May 2016 Summary

A Division Meeting was held at 6pm on May 7th, 2016 with the goal of:

(1) Confirming the new Division Board
(2) Determining if the NC Division will allow self-directed events to be sanctioned

There were only 9 members present (1 by proxy), including two members of the board. However, there was enough diversity represented (in age, gender, club, competitive level, and choice of specialization) that we were able to have a very productive meeting nonetheless.

Regarding the Division Board for 2016-2017:

Chair- Kemmerlyn Lawrence
Vice-Chair Coach & Ref Development- Clayton Olson
Vice-Chair Youth Development- Paul Perkins
Secretary & Treasurer- Liz Morey
Past Chair- Donny Zelinski

Much discussion surrounded the idea of allowing self-directed tournaments with many concerns identified and addressed. Ultimately, the idea has not been given firm approval or denial, but a compromise was reached:

For the 2016-2017 season only, the NC Division will allow self-directed events to be sanctioned if they meet the following criteria-

– when the tournament is posted, it must list that it will be a self-directed event
– all referees must be properly background screened as normal (if the fencer does not have a current background screening, they cannot be utilized as a referee)
– the tournament must hire a Head Referee who has a rating of at least 6 or higher

A Division Observer is still required per the normal guidelines of tournament sanctioning in NC. A summary of what this means specifically for Observers and Tournament Organizers will be posted soon.

Regarding Division-level events (JO Qualifier, Divisional Qualifier, and Powerade State Games), these tournaments will continue to be run with completely dedicated referees.

No one is being forced to run self-directed events by any means. It is merely another option the Division would like to offer on a trial basis at this time.

A resounding “Thank You!” to all who were able to make it to the meeting and to all the officials who helped this weekend’s qualifying event run as smoothly as it did. Everyone was of immense help.

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Division Meeting – May 2016

There will be a Division Meeting at the conclusion of Saturday’s events of the NC Divisional Qualifier on May 7th. The current scheduled time for that is 6 pm. It will be held at a nearby restuarant. The primary topics to be voted on are:

* 2016-2017 Division Board members

-Kemmerlyn Lawrence would like to stay on as Division Chair.

-Liz Morey would like to stay on as Treasurer.

-Stephen Kmiec I’d currently serving his third year as Vice-Chair of Coach and Referee Development and will need to come off the board or move from that position.

* Allow self-directed events in North Carolina to be sanctioned, or continue to disallow them (Some may be more familiar with the phrase “reffing out of pools”)


Please attend or send your proxy. If attending, please send an email to chair@ncfencing.org to allow us plenty of time to reserve an adequately sized space to accommodate everyone.

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New Schedule for Divisional Qualifiers


I apologize for any inconvenience, but a complication in the original schedule of the Divisional Qualifier was brought to my attention. Several events have changed start times and even which day they will be held, so please take a look at the new schedule and adjust your preregistration as necessary.

askFRED More Info


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NC Divisional Qualifier 2016

A location has finally be confirmed for the Div2/Div3/Y14 Divisional Qualifier – the Alamance County YMCA in Burlington, NC. It was hoped that a large location could be acquired in Raleigh or Durham, but nothing was able to be confirmed there, unfortunately.

DATE: May 7th & 8th, 2016

LOCATION: 1346 S Main St, Burlington, NC 27215

askFRED More Info

There are showers available in the changing rooms. If you wish to make use of them, please bring your own towels. If you are a YMCA member in another town, you may have access to other YMCA amenities but you should check with the facility to ensure what access you have.

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Triangle Challenge RJCC


Triangle Challenge Foil/Epee RJCC
April 30 – May 1, 2016

Research Triangle Fencing is pleased to announce the Triangle Challenge RJCC for Foil/Epee. This event is the final regional qualifying event for the 2016 July Challenge in Dallas, TX.

askFRED More Info

Entry fees will vary depending on when you make your payment.

On or before April 15, 2016 (at 11:59pm EDT):
– $30 registration fee
– $45 per event

After April 15, 2016 (at 11:59pm EDT), triple fees will apply:
– $90 registration fee
– $135 per event

All tournament fees must be pre-paid at time of registration. Payment can be made on AskFRED (preferred), or you may submit your entry by mail.

Registration fees are non-refundable. Refunds of event fees can be requested by sending email to darius@rtpfencing.com. Please be prepared to provide a copy of the payment receipt email from AskFRED. Please do NOT cancel your registration on AskFRED first; doing so will delay the process.

Refunds must be requested and necessary information provided no later than two weeks after the event. No refunds will be issued after May 16th, 2016.

There will also be learning opportunities for referees, bout committee, armory, etc. for any who are interested.

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