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Division Meeting – May 2016

There will be a Division Meeting at the conclusion of Saturday's events of the NC Divisional Qualifier on May 7th. The current scheduled time

New Schedule for Divisional Qualifiers

  I apologize for any inconvenience, but a complication in the original schedule of the Divisional Qualifier was brought to my attention. Several events have

NC Divisional Qualifier 2016

A location has finally be confirmed for the Div2/Div3/Y14 Divisional Qualifier - the Alamance County YMCA in Burlington, NC. It was hoped that a

Triangle Challenge RJCC

  Triangle Challenge Foil/Epee RJCC April 30 - May 1, 2016 Research Triangle Fencing is pleased to announce the Triangle Challenge RJCC for Foil/Epee. This event is
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Tournament Participation – Capital Clash 2016

We had many participants in a variety of roles at this year's Capital Clash SYC, which also included Cadet events for the first time.


TweetForums – “Beta” Phase The forums are currently available through the links to the right, although they will still be undergoing a few minor graphics changes over time. You must be logged-in to post or comment. Please start in the

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Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Tweet  Moving forward, we want to recognize members of our fencing community. This page is for acknowledging new ratings, unique trophies, fencers’ individual growth and achievements, and the many ways in which our clubs and people give back to the

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From the Asheville Fencing Club: No Practice 5/11

NEXT WEEK, 5/11, PRACTICE IS CANCELLED due to an event at our location. Next practice (after tonight) will be 5/18.

Please also note that tonight 5/4/2016 we’re starting our next beginner class. This will be the last opportunity for beginners to start this spring.
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From the All-American Fencing Academy: Apex Tournament

Apex Tournament
(AFA – Youth, Women’s, Mixed – Foil & Epee events)
Saturday, May 14, 2016

11AM Unsanctioned Women’s Epee (Born 2002 or earlier)
9:30AM Unsanctioned Women’s Foil (Born 2002 or earlier)
9AM Unsanctioned Y10 Mixed Foil (Born between 2005-2008)
9AM Unsanctioned Y12 Mixed Epee (Born between 2003-2006)
11AM Unsanctioned Y12 Mixed Foil (Born between 2003-2006)
12:30PM Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Epee (Born 2002 or earlier)
3PM Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Foil (Born 2002 or earlier)

Please pre-register as this is becoming a large event and the organizers need to know how many to expect:

Coach Gerhard and his kids will be there all day to coach and compete.

Please make sure you are at least a NON-COMPETITIVE member of the US Fencing Association.
-If you haven’t, or need to renew, visit, under MEMBERSHIP, go to JOIN OR RENEW ONLINE.
-If you have registered this year, visit, and print a membership card.


If you do not equipment, we will provide all the equipment you need. If you are interested in purchasing equipment, I’ve put together some lists for you and where to get them. We purchase most of our equipment for

Practice Equipment:
Competition Equipment List:

If you have your own equipment, bring it! You will use most of it, in addition to the competition equipment. If you have competed at our club before, it’s the same thing, there will be some added requirements.

Uniforms pieces you will need:
Plastron (Under arm protector)
Knickers (pants)
Knee high socks (long enough to cover the remainder of your leg not covered by pants)
Shoes (just not dress shoes, slippers, crocks, swimming shoes, “toe” shoes…etc.)

Electric weapons
Electric body cords

The night before, we will have a team meeting at the fencing room at 6:30PM if you need to pick up some uniform pieces. (I don’t plan to bring our entire equipment inventory, just our competitoin stuff).

We will bring all the competition equipment. If you do not have practice equipment, or you need additional pieces like knicker, plastron, etc. Plan on attending the meeting!



It is about a 1 hour, 11 minute drive to Apex.
Tournament location: 123 Middle Creek Park Ave Apex, NC NC 27539

I will meet anyone that wants to carpool at the All-American Fencing Academy at 6:30AM and we will leave by 7AM.


Other notes:
-Registration is $26. I do not know if they can accept check or credit card, so be prepared with cash.
-If you are eliminated early, please try to stay to support your teammates!
-Bring snacks and drinks. You never know what’s available on site.
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From the Cape Fear Fencing Academy: CFFA update for May 1

Oliver Galbraith went to the RJCC in Apex. In an A2 epee he had a solid first round, won his first DE, and then ran into one of the Bogert boys, finishing 13th. In the B1 foil he got through his first pool and ran into Charles Chow for his first DE, finishing 17th.

This Tuesday, May 3rd, will be the starting date for our next set of Tuesday/Thursday beginner classes. UNCW is done with practice for the academic year, and no one else was showing up, so let’s shut down Wednesday night practice for the summer. Everything else should be per usual.

As it is the first week of the month, get your equipment orders to Herman or I by Thursday.

7-8 is the Division Div II/III and Y-14 qualifiers in Burlington.
Preregistration ended April 30th. I will be going up and attending the Division Meeting. If anyone else would like to attend, let me know.

is holding a bunch of unsanctioned events on May 14th. Open women’s
foil and epee, open mixed foil and epee, Y-10 mixed foil, and Y-12 mixed
foil and epee. These are unsanctioned, so all you need is the standard
non-competitive USA Fencing membership. A really good event for those
looking to move up from our youth events or early career older fencers
looking for a less intense competition.

14th is also the Skirmish at Jack’s Island at New Bern. This is an
epee only outdoor event. This year it will be held at the church in New
Bern regardless of the weather; outdoors if nice, running inside if
rainy. As and Bs get to fence for free, so it should be a strong
event. Right now it needs an A and a couple of bodies to be an A event. New Bern always provides a really good free lunch after/during
the event. I am going up in some capacity if anyone needs a ride.

May 21st will be our last youth event of the year and the swords will be awarded. Foil at 10 am, sabre at 1:30 pm, and epee at 3:30 pm.

Charlotte is having an adult epee event that day.

Virginia, is doing a Vet event that day. Epee will be an A, foil a C,
and sabre as yet unclear. Erica Julien and Erik Graf are signed up so
with a few more vets we could be a presence.

next event is the Stab-a-thon on May 28th. Open foil, open epee, and
an E and under sabre. Get signed up. It is the Memorial day weekend
and we can attract people looking for some time at the beach if it looks
like we will have a good event. Epee sign ups are solid, but our foil and sabre fencers need to get signed up. At this point it will pretty much be you fencing yourselves unless we can get some more foilists and sabrists involved.

pax vobiscum,

Greg Spahr
Head Coach
Cape Fear Fencing Association

“The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.” Damon Runyon
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